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Why you should consider using psd-to-html service


Why you should consider using psd-to-html service

19th March 2018

You needs a Responsive version of your design that could run on all the devices (desktop / mobile / tablet) smoothly. It is becoming increasingly important to create websites that are compatible across browsers. That is where the HTML PLUS SHOP (psd-to-html service) comes in, as it makes possible for a website to look proper across all the platforms.

The process of designing any website usually takes lots of brainstorming, layout, designing which ultimately results in beautiful product. After client's approval the developer will need to convert it into a webpage using HTML, CSS, jQuery. This part of process can be time-consuming, but the results thereof can make you and your client happy which helps to grow business. To convert your design successfully into web pages, it is important to entirely understand front and back-end of the website to make it fast loading, ease of use for end user and smooth navigation system.

We are trying to list down some of the advantages of HTML PLUS SHOP services, and why businesses today cannot afford to go without these services:

Browser Compatibility

With HTML conversion service your design can be viewed properly across all the screen and devices or desktop and laptops. It offers best compatibility with all the browser type. By enabling access browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, you’re 100% assured of reaching the majority of your online consumers.

Fast loading and speedy website

We follow best practices to make a website load faster. This includes optimization of images according to sizes and quality, which ensures that pages load faster when requested. Having your style sheets minified and optimized at the beginning and optimized scripts at the end will ensure page content is properly displayed for the best user experience.

PSD to HTML conversion with applying animation and optimized images can ensure that you have lightweight pages that load fast and easily. Thus improving the usability of your site by giving a HTML page that is well arranged and easy to navigate, which in turn attracts more customer to your website. Increase in the number of visitors will eventually increase the conversions through sales and subscriptions.

Optimized and Semantic Code

Using PSD to HTML conversion services makes the web process easier, from slicing images to standard and optimized webpage display. This ensure seamless validation of W3C standards (World Wide Web Consortium), coding and the website markup. The validation process depends not only on HTML coding, but also linking and cascading style sheets. HTML created using semantic coding gives error-free website. With the use of semantic coding, errors are easily located using predefined tags.

SEO Optimized

Choosing PSD to HTML conversion service is the first step in achieving search visibility with the major search engines. If you are looking to promote a brand online. HTML PLUS SHOP is the right place to start. The coding give you features which make the website easily searchable by robots.

Online Branding

By using PSD to HTML service you will build your online reputation. We will create a website which will uniquely identifies the business/brand you have designed. Building something which looks professional will set you apart from competition.

Responsive websites for all screen and resolutions

With PSD to HTML service you will have responsive websites rendered properly on all the devices, from tabs and phones to desktop and laptops. This increases search engine visibility and traffic to the website.

UI/UX Quality

The conversion of a well thought design into a high-quality website which is loved by your user will create website that is easy to use and interact from page to posts, which leads to longer sessions that can easily translate to conversions and consumer loyalty.

Animation and Interaction

Web technologies are advancing at a very fast pace. Every now and then new technologies emerges. We keep ourselves updated with those, from animation such as SVG, GIF and instant commenting to online shopping and parallax design among many others. Designs are static layouts which are incapable of dynamic interactions to user actions. Using animations can bring to life these static interactions so that you have a site that is responsive to user actions and also pleasing to look at.

Easy Integration CMS Themes

Integration of the converted HTML with the CMS that you prefer (e.g. Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, etc.) is easy as the html code is modular and properly commented. This makes content management on the site much easier.

Timely project delivery

With technically strong team in place, we deliver and develop the solutions as per the clients exact requirements. We are well known among our existing clients for timely delivery for all sort and size of projects.

Cost effective

With our PSD TO HTML service, we offer best value for your money with assurance and cost-effectiveness, with highest returns on your investment.

Seamless communication through Phone/Skype/Chat/Email

With strong support system in place, you will never have to wait for response or solution. We have dedicated support team which will help you through phone, skype and email.