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A team of front-end web developers with a rich history and clientele

Qualified, Trained and Experience in all aspects of coding and scripting

Based in urban Mumbai with excellent infrastructure and communication links

Worked with clients across the globe including USA, UK, Germany, France, Dubai, Kuwait and of course India

Let us tell you how we do it

Design Review

We review your design and your implementation notes to ensure that your expectations are technically feasible and sustainable. We understand the animation and effects you wish to see on each page. These would include drop-down values, sliders, lightboxes, tooltips, modal popups, interactive elements as well as form validations.

After our review we send you our best quote which is quoted on per html page that you wish to produce.

We also keep in mind the maintainability of the code. And since we follow industry standards, our code can be easily understood and modified by any qualified HTML coder.

Front End Development (HTML5 / CSS3)

We slice your PSD into graphics and text and then design the CSS to achieve the fonts and formats that conform to your design. The design is converted either to set of HTML pages, or into themes and are strung together to create the website. We may link together some pages to give you the navigation flow.

The PSD file and its design elements are manually converted by a front-end developer keeping in mind colours, positioning, images, fonts and font sizes. We extract the details from the design layer by layer. While maintaining coding standards we match your design pixel by pixel so well that it's hard to tell the difference when you take a screenshot of our HTML page

Animations and Interactive Elements Development

Once the basic HTML pages are ready we start coding the interactivity and special effects required by your pages. These include the home page sliders, the mouse-hovers, the side-frames, buttons, and other form fields like drop down, radio buttons, check-boxes and so on. Each interactive element is aligned to your expectations and some time we add a little more value from our advanced arsenals.

Content and Commerce

For projects that require special features for CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) or E-Commerce sites(Magento), we develop customized code and integrate them with the pages. Free and commercial plug-ins are integrated and customzied if required to complete the project.

Quality Assurance and Delivery

Once the coders are done, the QA takes over ensuring that the project meets the specifications and standards. We follow best practices for coding as well as our time-established coding standards. Review results in feedback that is quickly incorporated and the final output of HTML pages or a fully ready site is ready for delivery.

Is your design ready? That’s all we need to start.

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